Immedia 4Way Glide LPL

Warranty 2 year
Capacity 200 kg
Grade This product is Grade A
A Grade
Products are developed specifically to meet the needs of hospital grade application. Features typically include maximum pressure redistribution capabilities and therapeutic benefits; specialised infection control and in-built microbial protection; superior technology and functionality; premium construction. Usually suited to patients with little or no mobility, cognitive impairment, and/or high clinical need and carer dependence.
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The Immedia 4WayGlide LPL is a complete in bed system for turning and positioning of users with reduced mobility, high weight, pain or pressure issues. Comprises a Glide Mattress and a Nylon Sheet with locking mechanism that is fixed to the mattress with elastic corner straps.

Combination provides an ultra low friction surface for movement in all directions, which facilitates positioning and turning, either manually or with support of a hoist.

Two part system – neither component can be used as a standalone product

Key features

  • permanently fixed to the bed
  • minimal impact on alternating pressure mattress functionality
  • ultra low friction surface for movement in all directions
  • nylon sheet locking mechanism for greater control
  • non-slip section covered or uncovered depending on need for movement
  • elastic corner straps  minimises risk of “hammocking”
  • ideal for  manual turning and positioning or hoist aided movement


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