Immedia 4Way Glide Bed Management System

Warranty 2 year
Capacity 200 kg
Grade This product is Grade A
A Grade
Products are developed specifically to meet the needs of hospital grade application. Features typically include maximum pressure redistribution capabilities and therapeutic benefits; specialised infection control and in-built microbial protection; superior technology and functionality; premium construction. Usually suited to patients with little or no mobility, cognitive impairment, and/or high clinical need and carer dependence.
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The Immedia 4WayGlide Bed Management System Kit offers the ideal in-bed system for turning and positioning of persons with reduced mobility, high weight, pain or pressure issues.

Comprises the Immedia 4Way Glide Nylon Under Sheet and PU covered low-friction coverlet, a small Immedia Positioning Wedge and pair of Immedia MultiGlide Gloves. This unique combination of products facilitates safe positioning and turning.


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