BetterLiving Fixed Height Toilet Seat Raiser

Warranty 1 year
Capacity 130 kg
Grade This product is Grade C
C Grade
Products are suited for use in low to medium risk care applications. Features typically include basic pressure redistribution capabilities; base functionality and ease of use; minimal infection control features. Usually suited to patients who are primarily mobile and independent but who tire quickly. Good option for home care environment.
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The BetterLiving Fixed Height Toilet Seat Raiser is easy to attach, remove and clean. Ergonomically designed, contoured one-piece seat. Tapered flange that sits directly on the porcelain bowl with front and rear recess for increased hygiene access. Ideal for travel or temporary use.

Key features

  • smooth, contoured one-piece seat
  • front and rear access
  • stain and odour resistant
  • includes lid
  • three height options 50,  100 or 150 mm

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