With a focus on safety and user comfort, Novis’ range of bathroom and hygiene products are designed to assist patients with reduced mobility – and their carers – to safely and comfortably continue with daily bathing and hygiene routines. Whether for showering, bathing or toileting all products are built for ease of use and safety.

  • mobile shower commodes

    A range of mobile shower commodes to facilitate everyday bathing routines for patients and carers. Varying functionality and features to match different user needs.

  • commodes and toileting aids

    A range of bedside commodes, over toilet frames, toilet seat raisers and other toileting related products for improved comfort, convenience and safety for people with reduced mobility or poor balance.

  • shower stools and chairs

    Novis offers a range of shower chairs for safe and securing showering, ranging from basic to sophisticated, modular designs.

  • bath seats, boards and benches

    Products designed to make it easier and safer to use and access the bath for bathing and cleaning.

  • safety equipment

    Ingenious devices, bars and non-slip surfaces designed to make the bathroom safer and improve independence.